• 2020
    Rivierenhof Antwerp

    Een groepstentoonstelling met oa.

    - Melanie Bivacco : Fantasie vrouwen met grote ogen en eigen verhaal.

    - Bert Sarah: toffe balpentekeningen in verschillende formaten

    - .....

    De andere kunstenaars worden later toegevoegd :-)

    Wegens Corona gaat de tentoonstelling jammer genoeg niet door.

    Hopelijk zie ik jullie op één van de volgende gelegenheden :-) !

  • 2019
    Solo Exhibition Conscience 20, Antwerp , Belgium
    Nov 2019

    I'm so exciting :-D

    My first solo-exhibition!

    When: 1 nov-17nov on wednesday, saturday and sunday : 1pm - 5pm

    Where : Galerij Conscience 20, H. Conscienceplein nr 20, centrum Antwerp, Belgium

    Welcome :-) !

    Photo outside galery: Melanie Bivacco

    Photo inside galery: Eva Declerck

    Photo explanation: Johan De Paepe

    Merksemse Meesters 2019
    oct 2019

    Where : districshuis of Merksem, Burgemeester Jozef Nolfplein 1

    When :

    Vernissage : Friday 16u-20u

    Sat + sunday : 12-13-19-20 oct.

    Open Ateliers 2019
    sept 2019

    Dankzij Open Ateliers krijgen kunstenaars en amateurs de kans hun werk te tonen aan een breder publiek tijdens de laatste twee weekenden van sept. 2019

    Opening vernissage : Vrijdagavond 20 sept 2019

    Overzichtstentoonstelling : Zuiderpershuis , Waalsekaai 14, 2000 Antwerpen

    Werken Melanie Bivacco : Klappeistraat 15, 2060 Antwerpen , 11u-18u

    De deur staat open voor een babbeltje en/of de schilderijen te bekijken :-).

    Fameus L'Amateur
    march 2019

    *Where : Sterckshof, Cornelissenlaan 10, 2100 Deurne

    22 march: 7pm-11pm (vernissage)
    23, 24, 30 en 31 maart : 11am-6pm

    *Theme : Depression Unveiled

  • 2018
  • 2017
    Groepsexpo L'amateur
    nov 2017

    Expo L'amateur

    Where : Entrepotkaai 1, 2000 Anterpen

    When : 18-19 and 24-25-26 nov. van 12h-18h

    Theme : The zone

    Everybody is more than welcome :-D !!

    Masters of Merksem
    oct 2017

    Where : Districshuis of Merksem, Burgemeester Jozef Nolfplein 1

    When: 14 - 22 oct.

    (Foto's: Willem Verlinden)

    Open Ateliers 2017
    sept 2017
    Cadixroute 2017
    july - 10 sept

    The Cadixroute is a route (3,5 km) in open air with art printed on boards (2m/2m). Enjoy :-) !

    Art with a (h)art
    march 2017

    Kunst with a (HE)art is an initiative of the Rotary Club Antwerpen-Park to collect money for social charities who Rotary Club Antwerpen-Park supports.

  • 2016
    Open Ateliers 2016
    sept 2016

    Open Atliers gives artists the chance to show their art in their own studio and at the retrospective exhibition. You can visit the artist’s studio and talk about the meaning of the work and how they made it.

    april 2016

    Exhibition in the framework of Heritage day 2016

    Rituals ..... they stem from the time when animals could speak and appear all around the world. Everybody knows some and everyone cherishes a couple, personals or public ones. But what are rituals exactly? Why are they so powerful and meaningful? Our lives are filled with small and large rituals which we learnt from our parents and forefathers.

    The exhibition consists of two parts. One part about the memories of different traditions in Ekeren and for the other part we challenged local artists to "give us an impression about their local habits.

  • 2015

It’s exciting to show your artworks to others. Every canvas has something of myself in it, so each time, it’s like exposing a little bit of my soul. In this way, I try to reach out to others in a positive manner and awake something inside my viewers.

© Melanie Bivacco